January ’17

The first month of the year & it hasn’t been terribly terrible; even if I did send friends into a panic.  See, I deactivated my facebook account, turned off my phone and took a nap.  Yup – that’s all it takes to send my loveys into a panic.  No one could reach me (which, by the way, was the idea).  I think I might’ve maybe missed a dose or two of medicine, but I can never remember.

So far, this month has encompassed a whole world of things: friends, travel, happy, depression, motivation, laziness, lots of TV, lots of reading, a new cat, projects completed, and a fair bit of sex!

Yup, there’s a new guy in the picture.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’m on hyperalert, which I don’t know is totally fair to him, as I dissect his every action and question all his motivations.  I even made him cry last week (how nice was that? but it was just a direct conversation about things.) He is patient & quite smitten with me – so that’s always good.

I’m still not working.  I’ve pretty much given up on the previous application. I found another position I’ve applied for, which may be great (or a total nightmare).  God continues to provide, so it’s all good.

This post is quite boring, so if you’re still here, I’ll let you go for now.  Maybe things will pick up and get lighter as the year goes by.  Maybe I’ll get lighter, that would be a fabulous result.


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