In the Spirit of Exercise…..

I have lost my GhostVirginity! No, a succubus did not come in the night.  I saw my first ghost.

I’ll tell you what it wasn’t:

transparent, floaty, a sheet with holes in it, creepy, normal, spooky, scary or even unsettling.

What it was:

full bodied, should not have been there, unexpected, glimpsed.

So, here’s the story:

Last night I worked 4 hours over due to training, an officer needed off and we had to cover the shift.  It was my turn, so I worked until 3:00 a.m. I had always wondered what The Park did after hours, as I’ve never seen a gate on their gates (Stone Mountain Park).  I pulled by the west gate and saw a person in there.  I drove up to chat – which I do during the day, too, when I see an attendant without traffic.  Well, Ms. Sue was the gate attendant.  She answered my questions about the park/gate situation (you can get in any time if you’re  a registered guest at the Inn or Camp Ground, FYI)  She was a talker! I probably talked to her for about 45 min!  She has been with the park for over 30 years, was the first female sergeant with their police, we knew a lot of the same people, had been around for new events, reminisced the “old” park, etc.

That gate entrance T-bones into Robert E. Lee Blvd which is the perimeter road around the mountain.  Once you go through the gate, you have to immediately turn left or right.  So, I was facing REL Blvd. looking ahead of me when I wasn’t looking at Ms. Sue. Directly in front of me was a big bush and a tree on the far side of the road.  We were chatting, talking,  and comparing notes.  I had been there about 20+ minutes when I saw a guy, in jogging attire, walk behind the bush.  He caught my eye about two steps before the bush, so as I shifted my eyes to see him, he took a step and went behind the bush.  I was listening to Ms. Sue and responding, but I never took my eye off the bush and the guy never appeared again.  I stared over there for several minutes before I decided he wasn’t going to appear on the other side and I finally looked back at Ms. Sue to be reasonably polite in my conversation.

I didn’t mention it to Ms. Sue, but having worked there as long as she has, I’m sure she has seen her fair share of ghosts.

Say what you will: I’m going to hell, it was evil, biblically blah, blah, blah – whatever.  But I believe in God.  I believe we are not the only beings God has made. I believe we all have souls.  I believe that I don’t know what happens after we die.  I believe our spirit is energy. I believe there is more to this world and this life. If you think I’m playing with the devil, just pray for me, for my protection – Lord knows I can use all the prayers I can get and I don’t care your motivation.

I myself am a skeptic. I have played this over and over.  Was it the power of suggestion? Was it spiritual growth and openness on my part?  I don’t know.  But I do know what I saw.  If you are spiritually gifted, you have been entrusted with a gift.  Do not fear it.  Pray about it. Use that gift to become closer to God, to spread His Love, to bring comfort to others.  Like any gift, it can be abused and used inappropriately.  Be wise, my friend, be wise.


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