I am tired.  All. The. Time.  I think I’ve lived most of my life tired. Or maybe I’m too tired to remember not being tired.  It is my age? Menopause? Perimenopause (whatever that is)? Work? Stress?  Depression? It is such a normal state anymore, I hardly notice it.  What I do notice is my empty refrigerator, my dirty floors, my dusty shelves, my wide thighs, my sparse blog.

I can’t even remember what I was going to write about today, but it didn’t start as this subject. I thought about my need for coffee. I finished the end of it this morning. I will need coffee tomorrow. However, I have no energy to run to the store. Especially knowing I have to go to work in a few hours, I think I should take a nap so I’m fully charged.  But, I only got up a couple of hours ago.   I should take my new dog for a walk.  I ought to walk over to my mom’s and see if the big dog pillows are still there.  A shower would be good.  I keep waiting for the caffeine to kick in from the pot of coffee I drank.  The last pot of coffee in the house.  I worry to think it HAS kicked in already.

So, I got a new dog two days ago.  She is a BIG puppy – but not too puppy.  She is a 14 month old, black sable, German Shepherd Dog.  I traded two guinea pigs for her.  Remember Houndstooth and Checkerboard?  Well, we had a nice run of it, but I found a home w/ kids that would play with them, not be allergic to them, and give them more attention.  That home had a BIG dog they were interested in re-homing. I think I got the better end of the deal, but don’t tell KC & The Sunshine Band.

Savannah is her name.  She is easy going, laid back, and very smart (but maybe every dog owner thinks their dog is smart). We need some tennis balls – but that would require going to the store.  Which would require energy.  Of which I have none.  So, we are each laying in our respective spots – me on the couch, she on the floor – conserving energy.  She has already learned the best place to poop in the house (the laundry room, on the cement floor), which bills to eat (the over-due ones so I don’t have to be reminded), and which critters to chase (the squirrels because you only have to take two leaps towards them and they scurry away – not much energy required).  For a puppy, she’s right up my ally.  She has a doctor’s appointment on Friday.  Just an annual check-up.  She is a bit underweight, so we’ll see about that; get her required shots, spend some time at the spa w/ a pedicure, that sort of stuff.

I was a bit worried about getting her. Would she live up to PBC? Am I ready for another dog? What about my trip abroad this summer? Would I be able to love her properly? Do I want the responsibility, both emotionally and financially, for a dog?  I don’t think I was this introspective when I got pregnant!  Sorry kid – but I love you nonetheless. I think she’s pretty OK for the first 72 hours.

After this entry, I think it’s time for a nap.  If I sleep now, I can get almost 2 hours before work!


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