Life on the Streets

I’m back on the streets.  Who would’ve thought I’d be doing this again.   I worked a call about two weeks ago that was an adrenaline rush.  Not in a good way.  A little boy had been hit by a car.  I was first on the scene with a lynch mob that wanted to kill the driver. I stayed with him and talked to him and did what I could for him until the ambulance arrived on scene.  He is going to be fine.  It is amazing what few injuries he ended up with.

But tonight almost broke my heart.  We had a late call and I ended up working late because of it.  A couple of teenage brothers with too much mouth and testosterone going on.  Reasonably normal, middle class parents (yes, still married!) doing the best they can.  The younger, 16 y.o. stole my heart.  He was angry, and hurt.  He was a tornado of hormones and emotions with no way to express his feelings without lashing out.  I just wanted to reach out and hug him and help him and teach him how to be happy.  But you can’t at that age – and I’m not a shrink or counselor or therapist.  I’m a cop who’s been kid, had a kid and wants them to know it gets better. I could visibly see his lack of coping skills.  I could feel his helplessness coming off in waves.  I understood the anxiety that comes with being helpless.  He’s 16.  He has no rights.  His parents hold all the strings, make all the rules, and he’s stuck in the middle.  I wanted to cry with him in his frustration.   The older one I wanted to kick in the nuts –   I hesitated to encourage counseling because I know so many people don’t want to hear that.  But I said it anyway, using the angle of learning new skills to cope, new tools to use, new ways to think about things.  I could see this family being very happy, if they did some work.  I prayed while I was out there.  Maybe I planted a seed.  Perhaps someone will come along behind me and water it.


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  1. Myra
    Mar 20, 2015 @ 22:55:17

    Great job Mary! Good Will use your seed, someday, somehow, somewhere. Just keep sowing and don’t be discouraged if you are not the one to see the harvest. Myr

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