Prayer Warriors & Whiney Butts

Job 7:11 – Therefore, I will not refrain my mouth; I will speak in the anguish of my spirit; I will complain in the bitterness of my soul.

I love that verse! It gives me permission to whine.  We had a group of women that got together and would enjoy each other’s company.  We jokingly would say we were victims and we needed to whine, which would be the call to arms for a gathering.  We laughed and cried and encouraged each other.  We claimed we had a “Whiner’s Ministry” and Job 7:11 was our verse.  We even made a mock t-shirt and logo that had cheese and wine.

I need to whine – and you get to listen yet again (for which I am eternally grateful).  I am working again, after a two year sabbatical.  It’s not been super easy going from 0 to 40+ hours a week.  Surrounding myself with whom I want to, to whom I am stuck with.  I’m tired.  My house is a mess. I have a home that is the host to the never ending project.  I miss my dog – the guinea pigs are great, but it’s just not the same.  And NOW – I have a 4 day weekend I was going to go play in Alabama with my g’friends and I’m sick.  UGH!  Being at work, around other sick folks got me sick.  I’ve not been sick in ages!  So I canceled my trip to AL because I don’t dare get them sick (My host is a single mom of 3 – they sure don’t need to get it!)(I have other hosts houses, but I don’t need to share with them either.)  So, being here, having a 4-day weekend, I’m yet again beating myself up thinking about all the things I should be doing around here.  Trust me, I’m only going to do what I want to do – not necessarily what I need to do.

So, I’m asking for prayers of Motivation.  I’m not super fever lying in bed about to die sick. I could actually take lots of medications and mask the symptoms and get stuff done.  I do think I’m not worse because I felt it coming on and tried to nip it in the bud – to no avail.  Vitamins and essential oils and lots of sleep – but I couldn’t fight it all off before it got a foothold. Two specific projects I need to get done during these 4 (now 3 days). I don’t see either  one getting done today.  These aren’t even “requirement” projects, they’re much more artsy.  But I still need some motivation to get them done.  I need motivation to get over this grief, to read and refresh on the current laws, to exercise, to clean, to join life again.

Prayer warriors – can you do that for me?  I will pray for you also.  God knows your need.


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