Meandering through My Mind

When Barbara first called me an empath I scoffed. I’m a cop. I’m hard. I’m realistic. I see the ugly truth of life. Through education, therapy and probably a lot of divine intervention, I realized that empathy is not synonymous with kind, weak, thoughtful, sweet, generous, blind or doormat. It is a characteristic of the soul. It is not an action (or lack thereof). But the more I have learned about empath, and being an empath, the more I have learned about myself.

Empathy is a highway straight to the heart. It is often manifested through kindness and thoughtfulness. But I am learning it is also protected by avoidance (news, movies, TV), awareness and cynicism. I was told once that sarcasm was veiled anger. Perhaps that is true, but I’m finding it to also be a protective covering for empaths. So many of my friends are genuinely funny, sarcastic folks. And they have that same heart found underneath it. We laugh, make fun of, and are totally irreverent.  Have you ever offered a prosthetic leg to a waiter? You should try it some time.  Hand it to him  & tell him this joint isn’t too bad, as it only costs a leg.  Either he’ll laugh or he’ll barf.  The one I did it to came close to passing out.  Which made us laugh that much more as he scurried off.  

I suppose with my mom’s eminent death, I’ve become  a bit more introspective.  I’m overwhelmed. I cannot have enough quiet time.

Today is a day that I understand so much it hurts.  It is overwhelming.  I feel the vibrations of the universe.  Or maybe I just forgot my meds…….


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