Lonely Love Languages

I am writing that from my phone so please

forgive any errors.  I’m not too sure wheMy re to begin so I’m just gonna do some verbal vomit and maybe you can make sense of it all.

My two primary love languages are Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch  the two things I didn’t get much of as a kid.  I was loved and I knew it, but those two things I lacked, which is probably why they fill my love tank now. So, I’m fine without a partner and doing things onmy own, but my mom is in the hospital, my hormones are peaking, and I would love nothing more than to be held by a big male person who loved me beyond words  just to be held by strong arms, snuggle into their manly scent, and know they are there to push me back up in the morning.

Sigh  until then, I will go back into the hospital room. I will commute and take care of the critters  I will handle it on my own because I have to.  I have my friends cheering me on and that is more than I could ask for!


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