Six Habits That May Lead You Into an Abusive Relationship

Awesome article.
#1. I do it all the time. “I’m sorry for the weather, the dog, the tv selection, the color of the sky….” ugh!!! I’m working on it.
#2.) I am a giver. But I have learned that “Fixer-upper” never gets fixed. So, I am learning to run away from that. I need to give to someone who appreciates, loves and gives back.
#3) I don’t want the overbearing list as described, but as a general guideline, Yes, I look for someone to take care of me. I’m working on fixing that (I can’t fix others, but I sure can fix me!)(with enough time & therapy!).
#4. OMG – I HATE rejection from men. I can handle it from women and it usually fires me up (In a good way). So, yes, this is definitely an area I am working on – applying my girlfriend-picker to my guys!!!!
#5. I do it all the time! I over look & ignore red flags. Again – I’m working on this in therapy!
#6 – NEVER been an issue for me. Which makes me wonder why I’m so over-the-top with all those other points? I like being alone. I like me. I have a great time with myself. I can do what I want when I want to. So, why do I care about all the other stuff? Sigh…..


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