Naked and Undressed

Until this very moment in my life, I have ALWAYS lived with someone else.  My family, my first husband, my daughter, my second husband – and now it’s just me.

Rather than meeting this experience with dread and anxiety, I was rather intrigued and curious.  My number one question was always: What do single people do by themselves at home?  I think it’s pretty much the same as folks who live with others – pretty much whatever they want. I can paint or garden or watch TV (without any competition for the channel).  I can have music on, read a book, and run around naked.

NAKED? OMG!!!! No one was ever naked or lounging in just their underwear. The house I grew up in was insanely modest.  There was an unwritten rule that the only reason to be naked was to bathe.  No one was ever naked or undressed. When I hit my rebellious teen-age stage I might dash to my room or run downstairs wrapped in a towel after a shower to grab some clean clothes, but that was the extent of it.

I didn’t understand how people could run around their house naked.  Married people, single people – anyone.  Naked was forbidden! Even when I was married I didn’t sleep or lounge naked. I mean, I tried not to have sex naked if I could get away with it. Can we do it through our underwear?  No one can see my hoo-hoo except my hoo-hoo doctor and even then, I always ask if he can do it without looking. My first husband liked to be naked.  And sit on the couch.  With his naked butt. On the cushion.  GRoSS!

Fortunately at 44 years of age – I got over it.  I’m living alone. Out in the woods. Just me, my BIG HUGE VICIOUS dogs and LOTS of guns and my GIGANTIC spider.  People better let me know a very accurate arrival time, or they might just see much more of me than they ever wanted to!  I don’t care. I keep my mirrors high and few so I don’t have to look at me – but if you catch me naked, that’s your problem. You’re not using my fork to poke your eyes out.


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  1. Anonymous
    Aug 27, 2014 @ 12:08:02

    My family must make you REALLY nervous with all their nakedness. Austin LOVED your shower curtain! Oh, and my mom called it a hoo-hoo and I HATE THAT! Too funny.

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