Random Ponderings

I have my deepest thoughts at the most inopportune moments.  Typically when I can’t sleep and I’m trying to or when I’m in the shower.

Today for instance, well, actually last night as I my sleeping efforts were futile, I had a question.  One that I’ve never heard verbalized before. One that will now bother me, probably until I die because I think the answer is as elusive as the Meaning of Life (although Monty Python did make an acceptable stab at that one.)  

Why do “cough” and “through” not rhyme?

If you want to elaborate on that – why does “thorough” not rhyme with either one of them?  I mean, really! Who thought (?!?) up this craziness?

So, today, as I was showering it dawned on me that I shave my armpits daily. (Never fear, for I am female!) Three day growth of pit hair is not nearly as sexy as three day growth of male facial hair (my three day growth of facial hair isn’t as sexy either!)  Why?  Why this double standard? We are all humans! Why is ear hair gross? Why must we shape our eyebrows?  That lady in Mexico never did. You know, the painter that looks like a man who LOVED to paint herself – and ALWAYS included her unibrow and mustache? Frida Kahlo.  Apologies Frida, but it’s true.  And I admire you for it. You flaunted your unibrow and mustache. You took pride in your unique self. You remind us why we pluck, wax, rip, strip, and otherwise mutilate ourselves for the sake of ‘beauty’.

Speaking of beauty, I had to give Princess Buttercup a bath today.  We are going visiting. I explained to her that country living required country cleaning – at least once in a while.  She said she’d rather stay home. I said tough patooties.  She did not argue, though, (there’s that word again!) when she got a Cheezychickenball afterwards.  She did put up a fuss (albeit a mild one) when I told her to put her jewels back on.  She claims it is a shackle to her enslavement.  I concurred with that decision and I told her she was my slave and here for my entertainment.  She did not like that answer. She picked up her Cheezychickenball and left the room in a huff.


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  1. linda
    Aug 10, 2014 @ 20:56:54

    I have thought many times about why words practically spelled the same sound different, yes who the hell makes this stuff up? and it is well known that the English language is the hardest to learn, and there is a new prescription drug out there that starts with a X and when they pronounce it, it is a Z sound. I give up and I am too old to even think of why

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