Accepting the Narcissistic Discard

Another good article! I had a hard time not running around trying to correct all the lies he was telling. I had to tell myself the good ol’ reliable quote by Dr. Suess “The people who mind don’t matter and the people who matter don’t mind.” Basically, those who know or love me know the truth and pity on those who believe his lies.


A narcissist will discard you when you are no longer useful to him. I’m not just talking about a physical discard like when the relationship ends and he kicks your ass to the curb. I’m talking about an emotional discard that happens while you are still in the relationship. I’m also talking about a discard of all his memories of you once he has found a new source of narcissistic supply. The timing of him finding a new and rich narcissistic/ego supply, determines how soon and when you will no longer be useful to him. It is when you are finally, 100% discarded.

Before leaving my abusive relationship with the boy, I knew I had to be okay with him one day thinking I was “useless.” I left him before he discarded me. I left the toxic relationship at the height of what he thought was his total and complete…

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