It has Started

Two things are going on this week: The house & more dating.

I ate lunch w/ a friend the other day.  She dated a lot before she got married & gave me some good advice: 

1.) Consider it free dinner

2.) She got dumped a lot when she wouldn’t sleep w/ the guys

I thought, “hmmm, interesting” Good thing to know. I have a date Friday with a new guy.  This new guy is not American.  He is from India. He is pretty funny, but is hard to understand.  He is also a bit eager to jump into my world – which makes me leery.  I’ve also agreed to a late dinner & then go listen to a band after.  I say “late” dinner because it’s after 7:00. and the band at the club (37 Main) doesn’t go on until 10:00.  10:00?  I agreed to this? WTH!  I’m usually in bed by then – ugh.  Already I’m compromising? But, it’s “fun” isn’t it?

Well, maybe I’ll get a funny friend out of it.

The house – ugh!  There is a new entry at It is worse than I expected. A true, “as seen on TV” hoarder.  She had a weird fetish with keeping every piece of paper that has come through her life, and egg cartons, and eggs, and gallon jugs filled with unknown fluids.  She probably has over 100 gallon jugs around the property.  Now I have something to keep me busy – very very busy!!!!  There are lots of pictures over there.


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