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Won’t you help the princess?

I had this CA’RAZY idea!  As ya’ll know, I am on a few dating sites. I am starting to get my head wrapped around the idea of dating.  T has helped a lot with that – as well as a fair bit of soul-searching.  So, these sites are a “one-stop-sell-yourself-meat-market”.  Maybe your face catches their eye, maybe your words catch their – what? Heart? Mind? Penis? What are we shopping for at  Ugh.

Who knows me better than my friends?  You know me – my likes, my dislikes, my strengths & weaknesses.  You love me in my joy &  tears & pretty & ugly & everything in between.  I had a guy today who claimed he was a “good guy”, in the time span of about an hour go from a nice chat to all pissy & manipulative w/ me because I quit responding (I was driving).  I said, “Uh, no” and called him on it.  He said I was mean.  OK.  So, mean, nice, funny, sad….whatever – YOU, dear readers get to write my online dating profile.  As you know, honesty is key in my life – so I want you to tell the truth.  If you were trying to set me up w/ a guy you know – what would you tell him about me?  How would you describe me?  Most of you have seen me in the morning before coffee & late at night & doing physical labor & mentally stimulating conversations – you get to write this.  What I will do, is pretty much like I do my cooking recipes: I will read all the responses & meld them together for the profiles.

Here are the specific questions I need:

*A tag-line, one line introduction to grab attention

*Self Summary

*I am really good at:

*1st thing people notice about me:     (perfect for you to answer, as I have never first noticed me)

*Favorite books, movies, shows, music, food

*6 things I cannot do without:  (what must I have in your presence?)

*I spend time thinking about: (what sort of deep philosophical discussions have we had?)

*On a Typical Friday night, I am:

*Most private thing I’m willing to admit: (hmmm…what should I tell them?)

*My personality type  (one or two words)

*The readers should message me if:  (why should they contact me?)

OK, you can reply here, but a better response would be to email it to me at (gosh, I hope all those phishing viruses don’t catch that email thing).  If you reply, I will use it!!!!


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