20 Yards of Joy

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Well, it started out with a death.  The death of a friend of my mom’s.  Mumum lived in Pennsylvania.  She was an amazing woman with a family who is just as fabulous.  We drove up for her service. 12ish hours up and 12ish hours back.  We stayed at Mumum’s house, but her son hosted everyone.  He lived about 6ish miles down the road.  Oh, btw, in Pennsylvania, March is still winter regardless of when the solstice is.  Well, driving back n’ forth n’ back n’ forth, we passed this big warehouse.  Gosh, I have already forgotten the name of it “Surplus City” or something of the like.  We kept saying we were going to stop (there & “Adult World”, but we never quite made it to “Adult World”).

On Monday, after breakfast, before we left, we stopped.  1/2 of the warehouse was craft, fabric, artsy, cutesy things, the other 1/2 was tools & such.  If you are familiar, it was very much like a “Mike’s Merchandise” in North Alabama or “Little Lots” in Central Alabama.  Stuff, stuff everywhere – the kind of place you, nor they, never know what they will have on the shelves, you just have to go look.  A place where you can easily spend 2 hours just looking!  With all the upcoming decorations, I perused the fabric: on spools, bolts, folded, scraps, bagged, all sorts of ways.  I SAW IT!!!!  This jutey-twiney-raw-stringy thingy.  It’s like burlap made with jute – big, course, heavy and cool as crap!!!!  I did not jump on it, though…… I looked through all the rest of the fabric.  So I asked the lady to cut it for me.  “How much?” she asked.  “20 yards, “I replied, “If you have it.”  Well, they did!


I am sooooo excited!!!!  I think every person that walked by asked me what I was going to do with it.  Well, first of all, I can tie a few widths together to make room rugs.  I can either sew/tie them discretely, so it looks whole, or (What I’ve thought the most about) get some contrasting jute/twine and make big deliberate stitches tying them together (so there’s like a pattern).  I can make drapes, pillow covers (not for snuggling, though), a table runner, mantle decor – all sorts of stuff!


The ladies were so nice to help.  They rolled it onto a center core & helped me load it.

Why 20 yards? I wanted to make sure I got enough.  A lady behind me bought the remaining few yards.  Feel free to send me ideas of what you’d do with it.


My Catch!



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