Woes of Passion

I am a passionate person.  It is not always convenient.  With the devastation of Daddy Booboo, recent (distant) familial deaths, and parental health problems, when I find something to get excited and happy about I’ve been going a little overboard (Who me? Imagine that!).

The Farmhouse got me up again.  I have been soooo excited about making it my own, planting various gardens, decorating it (I got about 429 fabric swatches on a recent trip to a couple textile stores down town), remodeling the bathroom – all of it!  I had something other than gloom & doom to focus on, I was over the top with excitement.  I wanted the tenant out today so I could go in & do it all NOW!

And then that bubble got popped.  The only thing on me to get popped lately. Sigh.  The tenant has been reluctant to let me in.  I wanted in for two reasons – I figured it was trashed & wanted to see it and I wanted to measure the rooms so I could continue with my grand plans.


We have a TV episode of “Hoarders” on our hands.  That place is full of trash, rat waste, food trash, waste trash.  The only thing I didn’t see/notice was human biological waste – I’m only praying! I could not get into the two bedrooms.  The doors only opened about a foot for all the stuff in there.  It smelled of ammonia.  I left that place not knowing if it’s habitable on my reasonable budget.

My excitement was flushed down the drain.  I watched my excitement bubble  pop and go farting off into the distance like a child’s balloon, laughing at me the whole time.

I do have a friend who owns a cleaning company.  I had already been in touch with her about going in after it was vacated.  I IM’d her in a panic!  She referred me to their website where they have before/after pictures of a hoarder they cleaned up.  WOW! You’d never know it was the same place.  She gave me lots of reassurance they can clean it.  I’ll probably have to pay out the wazoo and promise her my second born (first born is already grown & gone).  If I can get in there, it’ll be worth it!

So, now that Daddy Booboo fiasco is behind me, I have other passions to pursue. Fortunately, the roller-coaster of life is a known variable – it will always be changing.



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