Take a Flippin’ Chill Pill, Already!

This is a note to myself.  Since I never remember what I wrote about 10 minutes ago, it is a given that I don’t remember what my last blog was about.  For fear of repeating myself, that is your warning.

Well, I was in Atlanta having a crazy depressed time over Christmas.  Feeling the stress of school (I was supposed to be writing my paper while I was up there without kids and all that time on my hands), wondering what to do about my mom, trying to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life – or at least the next step.  I was very angsty to have a direction to point myself.

I drove at least 1,000 miles during that month, between appointments (Atlanta is very big), my social life, and a few emergencies I was in the car a lot.  I started listening to the book “Life of Pi”.  If I had read it, I would’ve put it down within the first 100 pages.  I listened to the whole 11 hours of that book.  (I have since seen the movie & found it to be as boring as I expected it to be).  BUT, I found the most interesting thing was how he talked about being able to see things that are reasonably invisible if you travel across the Pacific Ocean in anything but a lifeboat.

When I was able to release some anxiety, relax a bit and settle down, I made a decision. It is yet again another “stepping out on faith” – but God can’t work if you don’t give Him room.  Once I made the decision, I had a peace. So….now I have to decide if I want another class in school now – or enjoy play time.  Or are they the same?  Do I want to take SCUBA lessons now or later?


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