God MADE me do it!

Alright – here it is – another God story.  And I’m blaming Him completely!!!!

Saturday, I went to a friend’s house in N. Ga & spent the night.  Sunday we went to see the Rockettes & we drove home Monday.  Well, I have found the best way to go from Jasper to Stone Mountain is south through Cumming – my old stomping ground.

I was driving down Old Atlanta Road and I tried to call my friend who lives just off there.  I tried her cell AND her house.  No answer.  Oh, well, so I kept going and I passed the Animal Shelter.  I had been their first certified Deputy Sheriff who did animal control in the county.  I saw a patrol car as I passed.  It was weird because I’ve passed it a dozen or more times since I’ve left there, but this time I was compelled to turn around and go in.  I signed in.  I went through the cat room & talked to every one.  I meandered down the dog adoption row.  It’s a small shelter and there are only about 10 pens per row, with four individual rows.   Well, there were a couple hounds and a few labs and a JRT and a shepherd – the usual medium-large brown or black mutt.  I’ve been in this business for so long, I swear I’ve seen every dog there is.  Well, there was one back in the corner of her pen, she had a blanket and a few toys in there.  I talked to everyone as I walked down the row.  On the way back, I stopped at her pen & squatted down.  She hesitantly came up to me.  She did the belly-scootch with her tail tucked but the tip was wiggling wildly, while her little back legs just trembled and she licked her lips compulsively.  We chatted for a minute then I went back out to the lobby.  She was about the size of Molly, the 11″ beagle we have at home.  Small head, fat body, white and creamy with some lemony-tan areas.  Yeah, I’d say 3.5cc of go-go juice would do her in.  See, that’s how I see so many of the stray dogs in this world – no one wants them, they’re dropped in my lap, how much “medicine” to do the job?

I talked with the officer.  I had worked w/ her ex-husband while I was there. I spoke with the ladies working.  I said goodbye, hopped in my car, and drove away.

But…. the whole time I was thinking about this little dog.  She was so scared and that place was so loud….I’m not sure if it was my poor breakfast and/or lack of lunch, or God saying, “this should make you sick!” but I became nauseous.  I drove on with every reason not to go back.  What was wrong with me? I’ve seen (and killed) thousands of animals (I’ll tell you about the ‘killed’ part in another post – maybe).  Yes, there are some super special ones.  Yes, they steal your heart sometimes.  But, I’d only seen her for about 97 seconds.  I don’t have a house. I live with other people who have 2 dogs. FUCK!  I turned around and drove the 4 miles BACK to the shelter dammit!

At least 4 miles down the road, now back.  What in God’s name was I thinking?  I have $287 in the bank.  Dogs are a big commitment. I need flexibility to go where I’m needed when I’m needed – I don’t need to be tied down by a pet – much less a dog.  I have a pet spider.  He’s fun & creepy. I need a dog like I need a hole in my head.  My spider’s fuzzy.  He even sheds! You know, when he flicks his hairs at me to leave him alone.  I thought, well, maybe it’s not what I am thinking it was when I saw her.  I walked in, back to the adoption row, back to her pen.  She was still up by the gate.  I broke the rules (who, me? <gasp!>) and opened the pen.  She skootled up to me and looked at me with those huge big brown eyes. Oh, shit, I’m done for (pardon my french, but I really do cuss a lot). I looked at her info card on the pen:  “Daisy” owner turn-in, 4 years old, F/S, terrierX, HW neg.

Dammit – so I walked back to the lobby & asked the lady, “What can you tell me about Daisy?” sigh….  Basically she told me everything that was on the card.  “Why did they give her up?” I asked.  “Allergies” she replied.  I rolled my eyes.  The go-to excuse for dumping a dog at the shelter.  Allergies.  After 4 years? Really? Maybe she was allergic to you?  Why don’t you leave and let her have the house?  What is wrong with people? They make drugs for allergies!  Pets are a lifetime commitment. ‘OK, I can figure this out,’ I thought.  “How long do they stay on adoption? Do ya’ll have a policy?” – it’s been a while since I worked there.  The lady said, “Oh, they stay on adoption until they get adopted” ‘Whew!’ I thought, ‘good, now I don’t have to adopt her, she’s safe!’  “Ok,” I said, “let me have a card & I’ll call and check on her before I go home to Brunswick.”  What a great plan! Now, I know she won’t be euthanized, and she’s only been here a few days – I’ll give someone else a chance to adopt her first because why? I need a dog like I need a hole in my jugular.   Wait, who am I kidding?  I won’t come back up here for her.  And then I’ll leave. And then I’ll wonder.  And then I won’t know.  And then….. And, yes, I know this to be fact because there are a few who still haunt me to this day – the special ones I didn’t save because I can’t save them all.  But, I can save this one.  So I did. I slapped my debit card down like I was rich and said, “Let’s do this!” My stomach doesn’t hurt.  Hmmm…..

Two rejected (over stupid excuses by assholes) middle-aged females.  We will join forces, gang up on the world, take our lives back and live happily ever after together!

As she sleeps at the foot of my bed, I’m not sure who will have a more blessed Christmas this year.



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