Who’s Idea was This?

If I can find any humor in this situation, I must.  With every bad name and accusation he makes about what a failure of a wife I am and how all of this is my fault.


Wow, I wrote those words almost 6 months ago.  I jotted them down to remind me for a future post.  I can’t believe how far I’ve come.  His name calling and bible-verse throwing finally bounces off of me.  I can coach my girl friends who find themselves in the same situation of the following things:

1. Everything is your fault

2. If his mouth is moving, he’s lying

3. DO NOT believe what he says about you

4. Own up to your part

5. Eventually this will be behind you

6. It will suck like donkeydicks in the mean time.

He told me I didn’t do enough laundry.  Dude, there were only two of us – how much laundry can there be?  He told me I wasn’t receptive to sex enough.  Dude, we did it at least 3x a week.  How excited can I get about having BeanieWeenies again?  He didn’t like us having a housekeeper.  Dude, it was my one request from working 40hrs a week and earning a paycheck.  I’d rather have a housekeeper than makeup or pedicures.  He didn’t like my parenting technique.  You saw it for what it was before we got married.

I learned that he kept a tally of all my “sins”.  My responsibility was to love him.  I did.  I refuse to bear the responsibility of his choices, actions and feelings.  Boundaries, people! That’s what keeps us sane.


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