Must you cut when you shave?

Shaving – we all do it.  Facebook – most of us do it. That – none of us admit to doing it unless we want to go to confession.

So, I saw this page link about super cheap razors someone had posted on FB.  I am not a connoisseur of razors, but by golly I have tried a zillion and I know what I like!  My favorite of all time is Schick’s SlimTwin.  It’s small, flexible and always reliably sharp.  As anyone knows, a dull razor is a cut below the rest.

Men have chins to consider, women have knees – and we have two of them! And we have armpits! And toes! I even have the top of my feet.  Why men don’t shave their armpits I don’t know.  I find armpit hair more gross than pubes.  All that deodorant glopped up in there.  Does it even make it to the skin to stop the stench? ugh!  Sorry, I digress.

Razors. I’ve tried the single blades to the octuplet blades, the flexible ones, ones with built in shavecream.  Disposable.  Re-chargable?  (You know, where you just buy the new cartridge.) I’ve tried men’s razors, women’s razors, skinny handles, fat handles (and why do they think women need fat handles on our razors?). Gillette, Schick, & Bic are the big 3.  No-name store brands & $1 store razors (oh! my! stay away from those if you like your skin where it is!)  Bic, by the way, should stick to making lighters.  They have no business making razors because they sure can’t make them worth a darn.

I was a SlimTwin junkie until they came out with the Xtreme 3. Yes, I’ve tried the 4 blade & 5 blade.  This website even offers 6 blades!  I figure if 3 can’t cut down the mess, I need to break out a chainsaw – a few more blades won’t cut it.  Cut it! Get it? Hahahaha I crack me up.  So – yes, I’m an Xtreme 3 girl.  Now, have you priced a razor lately?  What the crap!  They typically average $2-$4 EACH!!!! So you can’t get a pack for less than $8.

So I came across this website – Dollar Shave Club.  One of my friends posted a link on FB.  I thought, “Hey, I’ll check it out” – first of all, the advertising on the site won my heart.  It is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.  American advertising is usually dull and boring.  Because of the genius of humor, it’s not the first time I’ve bought something.  Ok, so I thought I’d try this.  Buy into the club and they mail you razors once a month.  I went with the cheapest option – I mean, if the razors suck I don’t want to have paid too much.  So, for $3/month, I get a handle & 5 twin-blade cartridges mailed to me.  That INCLUDES shipping.  I can opt up to the 4-blade – or 6-blade razors any time I like (you can opt down, too).  I do wonder if they will be as amazing as the $1 store razors.  But, if they’re smart enough to come up with “One Wipe Charlies”, chances are they have a fine blade.  I’ll keep you posted.



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