God Thoughts

Ugh! I totally understand having gone through SEVERAL the past two years. Even the move to Brunswick was met with some anxiety – but, it was a God move and I have been soooooooo blessed ever since. But when I did it, it was a HUGE leap of faith. did I want it? Did God want it for me? Who was I following, me or God? Well, here’s what I have determined: There are many things in our life that aren’t necessarily “God’s will” in that, it is OUR choice. We can do this or do that. Either choice is fine with God. He’ll work within our choices – IF we want Him to & are in a relationship with Him. Just like a BFF, but better (sorry Pamela). He will go with us and work through us where we are if we want Him to. And if these are both good, viable options, He will put us to good use. So, if that’s your case, both reasonable/good choices, rest assured that God will be there no matter what you choose. Wow, that was kinda’ deep. I may have to blog that….Look, I just did.

I wrote the above paragraph, less the last four words, ages ago.  I have a “draft” folder where I keep some thoughts & ideas that pop up.  As we know, I’ve not blogged every day this month – I haven’t done school work every day either.  Playing is much more fun.  Anywhose, I don’t want this blog to be a “Jesus Juking” jamboree, but God is very important in my life & I like to share God stories.  Some people don’t like God.  I can respect your decision, but like a kid with chocolate filled, chocolate iced, chocolate cake, I think you don’t know what you’re missing!!!!

So, I opened this draft & thought I’d share another God story.  Then the “hmmm, this seems familiar” kicked in & I had to reread all my posts & my caringbridge blog to see if I’d already posted. Twenty minutes later, it seems I haven’t.

In an effort for space & quiet, I decided it was time for me to get a new place.  I was going to do it after the new year, but with school starting back again, I decided to push the time to “NOW!”  I looked at a few places, looked at my money, and found the cutest little cottage.  It sat behind the main house in Old Towne.  Like, slave quarters or something.  It is sooooo dang cute! I fell in love, filled out the application and opened my email.  Wait, before I go into the email, I will tell you – getting my own place will require me to get another job and sign a lease.  Both of those symbolize responsibility and commitment.  I was willing to do that.  Then I checked my email.  My mom’s cancer is back again, growing happily and her remaining big toe is dying.  Sigh.  Life.  Well, with minimal disappointment, I realized that being the only responsible child, I would need to be able to go to Atlanta on a moment’s notice for unknown periods of time.  It made no sense to sign a lease for a year if I didn’t know if I’d have to move north.  It made no sense to get a job if I would have to quit in a month.  I did feel that it was all God’s timing.  He’s housed, clothed & cared for me this long – I can live cramped longer and be happy with my blessings knowing I am free and protected to take care of my mom.  I also know if I have to move to Atlanta, it will be OK and I will adapt to the traffic again.

Now, if I can only produce 500 words for my budgeting class this easily….


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