Fire & Water

I grew up in metro Atlanta.  I had a neighborhood creek & pond in my back yard that was a daily part of my life.  We fished, we swam, we fell through the ice.  When I was about 10, I started keeping fish.  Running water has always been in my life.  We had property in Alabama & North Carolina.  One requirement prior to any land purchase was that it had to have running water.

My parents were both from south Florida. I spent a fair bit of time there with grand parents throughout the years.  My dad was stationed in Hawaii and Long Beach when I was young. Water, beaches & mountains from day 1.

My preference had always been mountains over beaches – mind you, my “mountains” were those of the Smokies, not Rockies.  But, they were dense and full of water, creaks, streams.  I remember stopping on the side of the road at little streams coming out of the rock where there was a tin cup hung on a branch.  Fresh, cold, pure mountain water. 

Recently, I have found myself on the western most point of the eastern seaboard.  Our marsh feeds the Atlantic Ocean.  Our water is not pretty or clean.  But it is bountiful and rich. It soothes my soul and heals my wounds.  I can sit on a chair or walk in the waves – it doesn’t matter.

So, I was sitting here – contemplating my need for water in my life.  All my homes have had fish and, sometimes, an additional water feature.  I want water with me.  Does the constant flow make me want to pee? All the time.  One gets used to it. I said to myself, “Self, why must you have water in your home?”  And what does one do when one has a question? One googles it!

I started my search thinking my zodiac element would be water.  That would be why I am so drawn to it.  This is not to be confused with my zodiac sign.  I’m a Leo, through and through.  But was my element?  In typical internet fashion, there were a dozen online quizes to help me determine this.  They all led to the same conclusion.  I am a fire.

Fire? How can this be?!? I want water.  But I do like fire – and I have missed my bonfires since I’ve moved….. Perhaps it is that the water keeps me in check.  If I don’t stay confined, I will take over and ruin what is in my path.  I am passionate and explosive.  In the right context, those are beneficial to the world.  If left to its own devices, fire can kill and destroy.  

While the waters of the sea dampen my danger, the coastal breezes ensure the embers don’t die – until I’m ready to burn bright again.


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