CaringBridge Shout-Out

I don’t do much of anything every day except pee.  So, I will keep trying to blog more.  It seems if I make an effort to write every day, then maybe I’ll get in more posts than one every two months.

I already blogged today – it just wasn’t here.  It was over on my mom’s CaringBridge page.  If you’re not familiar with it, it is a great tool when family members are sick or injured and you want to share the current information, but don’t want to repeat yourself forty bajillion times.  Just post to the blog, give everyone the information to get there, and you only have to say it once.  It will also cross post to facebook – and maybe twitter.  I don’t tweet enough to like twitter.

Go to  and check it out.  It’s a free site for family or friends to keep everyone in the loop.  It is great!  They do accept donations, but do not require them – from the blog user or the visitors.  Perhaps like this blog, there are options for “pretty” – but I’m not that good at this sort of stuff, so I just go with the simple look.  I did have a blog I kept when my step-daughter was so sick.  I was able to do it via iWeb, before apple did away with it.  It was a great and easy.  But, like any digital company, they had to “new and improve” it and the old way became obsolete before it ever got popular so out with the bathwater it went.

Anyhoo – CaringBridge is great.  My mom’s health is not.  Public Budgeting should only be offered as a class to spies we have caught, because it is pure torture.


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