Failed Again

See!  I’ve already failed to post every day this month.  Well, ok, I failed that before I started – but I missed yesterday. Two days into this and I missed a day.  Dang I suck! (that’s what he said – ba dum dum!).

Well, it’s like this….. Pi and I took Savannah by storm yesterday. We got up almost early and headed out with no agenda other than to fart around and visit shops.  I got a lot of Christmas shopping done.  I got to eat at Joe’s Crab Shack. Got a picture of Pumpkin Pi in front of the sweets shop.  By the time we got home, it was very late and we still had a princess movie to watch.

Currently, I should be reading my Public Budgeting text book.  Have you ever read a book about public budgets?  Ten pages in and I was ready to poke my eyes out.  I am not a stupid person – by any means.  However, this is the most horridly written book I’ve ever read.  Worse than anything by Tami Hoag.  Like Ms. Hoag, the authors seem to have almost interesting information to share, but fail to do it in any manner that encourages my eyes to lap up the words. I find myself reading the same sentence two or three times imploring my brain to please suck up a crumb of this information. I’d be happy to scrub the latrine of a male dorm building with a toothbrush than continue (trying) to read this.

I paid good money for this class.  I am determined to do a (reasonably) good job in it.  If I finish, I will reward myself with painting and more shopping.  Yet even that carrot may prove to be not enough.  Hmmm, perhaps if Daniel Craig were at the finish line…..


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