NOMOBLOMO also known as “Don’t do Nothing”

Or some weird thing like that. What it is is a challenge to blog every day during the month of November. It started from a challenge from other writers to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November – and of course someone didn’t want to do it that way, so they made up their own rules and now we have some other unspeakable anagram for another challenge.

I may change it to SUIBWIWT…. Shut Up, I’ll Blog When I Want To. However, I’ll give it a shot. Not like I don’t have enough to do. Funny how my job-free lazy mooching days have rapidly filled up.

I recently took a trip back to Alabama. The trip originally started as THE MOVE to get all my stuff from storage. Then a potential living & job opportunity fell in my lap – literally. I got a call from a friend who said, “check this out!”. So, I checked it out. It fell through. Which only means I have to go back and see all my friends again!

My trip back helped me get my brain figured out. It was awesome to be surrounded by so much love and laughter. I was able to get my goals reorganized and build some excitement for implementing them.

So, I’ve been back for about two weeks. I have started my first real graduate class. I had taken the required “Intro to Grad School” class several months ago. I was waiting for the divorce to be final to know if I’d have any income from that. I have applied for a part time job. I have applied for two volunteer positions in town. Now that I have my vehicle titles, I’m going to figure out how to transfer them. I’m reasonably motivated to get my name changed on ALL MY FREAKIN’ DOCUMENTS – ugh!!!!

I’ve been making myself do my art and not be lazy. It keeps my soul balanced. Driftwood signs are my current “art de’jour”. My first one was for me! “don’t do nothing!” Oh, I can hear my mother scoff at the use of a double negative – but I did it on purpose because I might offend people if my sign said “get off your lazy fat ass and stop all the bullshit excuses and do something productive”. Not that I worry about offending people, but that’s too many letters.

It’s a bit scary how old I am and how much I haven’t done or learned. But, on the flip side, I find it quite interesting to see how God has handled so many of those details for me. I’ve never shopped for a place to live, but I’ve never been truly homeless. I never shopped for or bought a vehicle on my own, but I’ve never had to walk. Some of these “big life” things have always just been taken care of – and not because I wasn’t willing or able; God handled it. I wasn’t looking for a cheap or easy “out”, He is just familiar with my personality and knows what I find overwhelming.

OK, well, if I don’t stop typing, you’ll stop reading – or I will have nothing else to talk about for the next, uh….. 22 days.


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