Is ever expanding – or so the scientist tell us.

It’s funny how, when my world crashed on my head, I wanted to hide under the rubble.  I wanted to be smothered in love, to know that I was still loved and worthy when my most trusted person ever smashed me over the heart and threw me out of his life.  I was below the debris but didn’t trust the removal.  I needed to be surrounded by people, noise, love, busy, busy, busy.  If I wasn’t preoccupied, I was thinking and I was hurting.  A hurt that was a never ending unfathomable level of new. 

Logically I had my wits.  I knew, over time, I’d be fine – but it sucked in the mean time.  When you find yourself in a mud puddle (trying to stay rated G, folks), the only way to get out of the mud puddle is to keep going.  Time and determination will get you to the other end.  If you stop moving, you’ll be forever there.  If you go back, you just have to plod through again and again until you decide to get to the far side and put it behind you.

Now, as I find myself getting my brain back after it’s vacation on rote responsibility, I want my space. I want to make my own mess – or not. I want to have my own desk, my own living room, my own kitchen, my own SPACE!!!! I want to fill my space with love and kindness and lots and lots of laughter.  I have reached a place in my soul where most of the injury is healed, but love and laughter will make the last of the scab fall off.

Send me your jokes and stories and share the love….


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  1. linda
    Nov 08, 2013 @ 14:09:22

    I love the way you can put your mind to words so eloquently I find it amazing. I have been reading your posts on Facebook and the fact that you spend so much time at the beach. The ocean certainly has a very calming effect. Keep up the good work. You appear to be coming around to the new you.

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