Random trains of thought collide

My mom took me on a cruise to Alaska a couple weeks ago. What a sincere blessing it was in so many ways! I was able to spend some one-on-one time with her before she dies. Her health was good enough that we both enjoyed it immensely. I was able to keep my brain in check and not get impatient.

I had my ipad with me. I did several rough draft blog entries. And, I managed to lose them all with the latest IOS update. It was one of those days where the stars were aligning such that everything was conspiring to piss me off! I did manage enough control not to shoot the ipad. To keep my brain from exploding I did the only thing I could do – blame God. I figured whatever I had jotted down was not meant to be seen by the three people that actually read this blog.

I have spent so many hours on the beach. The waves have worked their magic and soothed the rough edges of my soul. Oh, I’m far from healed, but the salt water heals the heart and mind as much as it does the body. Lately I’ve been taking the dogs. Today I was able to put words to what I felt watching them play.

A dog, lost in the total joy of being a dog, warms the heart as much as a baby’s belly laugh.

I miss not having anything to do, but it’s usually my own fault because I don’t want to go do anything.  Which is why the beach has gotten so much of my time.  It’s quick and easy and quiet.  But, I don’t make myself do anything. I could go to the Y and work out. I could ride my bike more. I could take long walks.  I miss my studio something terrible.  It surprises me how much it bothers me not having it.  To do my art, every time I have to take everything out, set it up, take it down and put it all away.  It doesn’t seem like much, but artists out there know exactly what I mean!

The edge of summer has finally broken off.  The weather is phenomenal down here on the coast.  But I hate fall.  It just seems to be a squished season of everyone running around with their heads cut off.  School starts, sports start, the lollygagging of summer has ended only to open the engine full bore.  Like you’re trying to blow out the carbon.  Why can’t we ease into it?  And the holiday season starts in the retail business.  Already there are Halloween stores popping up, Thanks giving plants on sale, and Christmas decorations.  September isn’t even over.  I feel a bit claustrophobic – which amuses me because the world is wide open to me right now.  What’s that about?


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  1. linda
    Oct 08, 2013 @ 21:31:09

    I love your blogs. I wished I could write like that. You have a great personality, say what you think. You are a very caring person. You make time for your friends. As time goes by your life will fall into place, everything will get better just take everyday as it comes.


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