What kind of Vert are you?

Intro? Extra? Ambi?

All the rage these days is being an introvert.  Folks who love to stay to themselves, mumble, hide in corners. I’m not sure if they are people who don’t like people, or people who don’t like to talk. Supposedly in today’s day of cyber space and the WWW, it caters to the introvert who doesn’t have to interact with people in the real world.

I read through some of the quizzes.  YES! I’m an introvert – according to those quizzes.  I like to spend time along: heck, some weekends I don’t even get out of my jammies – I just putz around and watch TV.  I’m lucky if I bathe.  I enjoy reading.  I don’t have uncomfortable silences around people – if I don’t want to talk, I don’t.  I pray. I get uncomfortable at social events I don’t know anyone (sometimes – I think that depends on my estrogen levels). People tell me I’m a good listener – if you can get me to shut up long enough to listen. I dislike conflict.

But, really – who are we kidding?  I blog.  I spew my thoughts and feelings out there into the world and want feedback.  OK, not really.  I just want you to hear me.  If you love me and criticize with love, I might listen.  I’m not sure I even care if anyone reads this – I find myself more surprised that anyone wants to.  Maybe.  I’m impulsive, spontaneous, out spoken, loud and very funny.  Trust me, I’m much funnier in person than writing.  Part of it is because I turn everything sexual.  Sex is funny.  I’ll do a post about that later.

So, what kind of Vert are you?


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