What Just Happened?

Check for yourself!

Check for yourself!

I was driving with family from Colorado to East Michigan and then back home to the Southern Atlantic Coast. This was a great adventure. Kids, hotels, long drives and road side attractions.

We saw a 30′ Jolly Green Giant, the Corn Palace, Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, and Saturn, just to name a few of our adventures. It was so much fun. I have not been on a road trip like that since I drove from California to Georgia a hundred years ago. Potty breaks and food breaks and, did you know, there is a stretch of America that has over 200 miles between McDonalds?!?! Really! Who would’ve thought that was possible? And guess what! The Jolly Green Giant is a GIRL!!! It’s true! I checked.

Four days into my vacation, I received an email from Daddy Booboo.  Wow.  Unsolicited.  Unexpected.  Unprepared.  The email itself was blank, but there was a text document attached.  I did not read it.  I immediately sent it to my attorney and several close & trusted friends.  I knew it would cause an emotional hailstorm on my heart.  That was not fair for me, my vacation, and my vacation mates.  I suppose I was inching my way into it.  I got general summations from the folks I shared it with.

A couple days later, we drove up to OshKosh to the Experimental Aircraft Association Museum.  It was very cool, if you care anything about the history of flight in this country.

Well, trying to grow my spiritual life means that I have to stay tuned in.  A feeling came over me that I was ready to read the email.  So I did.  In his usual manner, Daddy Booboo told me how horrible I was.  In a strange moment of weakness he said that I had “beat him” with this divorce – but in the next sentence he says he is going to appeal any decision the judge makes.  He made me an offer of settlement.  It is about 1/4 of what I’m entitled to – but this has been a nightmare for me.  I accepted it.  I sent him a reply email and said “OK, it’s a done deal”.  Ah, silly me.

He started back peddling and took his offer back in the next correspondence. Really?  You just offered me a pittance of what I am legally entitled to; I accepted it to get you out of my life;  But you can’t stand the thought of me not being around to screw with so you renege on the offer?  Wow.  This divorce is so ridiculous it has grown into a comedy.

He admits that HE has been the hold up the past 7 months.  Yes, people, we are seven MONTHS past trial.  Why hasn’t the judge ruled?  Your guess is as good as mine.

So, I sit. I wait. I pray my lesson in this is not Patience or we may be here a while.


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