Damn the Torpedoes, And the Judge, And the Tornadoes

I’m in a bit of a melancholy mood today. Not totally sure why – but I will say the tornado devastation has my stomach in knots.  April 27, 2011 the F5 that went through Alabama went through my back yard.  I have seen that type of devastation in person.  Things you should only see in made-up movies.

I won’t tell you all the details of that day, but I will say I was protected.  I was playing with my girlfriends in Huntsville, oblivious of what was happening across Alabama and my neighborhood.  It was only by the Grace of God my home was spared – for at that time, it was still a home.  This one was not the one that went through Tuscaloosa or Birmingham.  It was the only F5 in that outbreak that was on the ground for hundreds of miles.  The town of Hackleburg was wiped from the map.  The Wrangler (jeans) plant was taken off the face of the earth and jeans were found up in the Virginias.

I have tried to avoid most of the news coverage.  I can pray for the people. I can empathize with the people.  I am not pretending it didn’t happen, I just can’t bear to watch it.  This morning my cousins thought they were doing good by showing me a warm fuzzy news story that is going around the internet.  It was an interview with an old lady who had been holding her dog when the twister hit.  Her dog was ripped from her, her house was a pile of rubble.  She was very pragmatic about the situation.  Until the news reporter saw something moving in the rubble.  There was her dog, unharmed, trying to get out from under everything.  They got it out and the lady was overwhelmed.  Not having any coffee and just stumbling out of bed I couldn’t handle it.  I cried over my coffee pot I couldn’t get to brew fast enough.  My heart still hurts.


Ok, after all that sadness – and I don’t like sad. I like happy, joyous & free with lots of laughter.  But this doesn’t get much happier.  I had a friend call me late last night.  He (like a little brother to me) saw Daddy BooBoo out with his girlfriend in town.  Married or not, I guess he feels that it is acceptable to parade her around now.  Actually, my friend called her a blond whale.  I only repeat that here, well, because it’s mean and kinda’ funny.  I really don’t have too much ill will towards her.  I don’t like her because she did not respect the bounds of mine & Daddy BooBoo’s marriage.  However, HE is the one who vowed to love only me forever.   AND – they were in the corvette.  The ONLY thing that has my name on it.  AND the one thing the Judge said NO ONE was to drive.

I suppose when everything is all about you and you’re trying to impress the world, you can do what you want.  Damn the Judge and his orders.


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  1. Cynthia
    May 21, 2013 @ 20:15:07

    Sweet Mary, I can hear that you are hurting. I know the Great Physician is in the process of binding up your wounds. Don’t forget that YOU are engraved on the palm of His hand – He’s holding you tightly! (Is. 49:16)

  2. mirannanda
    May 24, 2013 @ 08:59:05

    I am so happy to see you writing again. You can’t neglect to let those negative emotions out just because you don’t like them. Feel it and let it go. 😉 Crying cleans the soul, and makes space for the good stuff. m<3

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