Welcome Back.

In an effort to not bore you, I am going to only give you a brief story about this name and not try to catch you up on the past void of this blog. Who cares? Obviously it wasn’t interesting enough to write about, huh?

In 1984, Twisted Sister (the band) had two BIG hits. “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and “I Wanna Rock”. I was 14 that year. 8th & 9th grade. It only stood to reason that my nickname from my bus-mates became “Twisted Swisher”. I want to credit Richard Omps for the name, but I’m not totally sure he started it. Maybe I want to credit him with it because I had a crush on him at one time (I think the crush was actually before then, but with my memory, who knows?). Apologies to Dee Snider and the rest of the band of Twisted Sister, but much appreciation.

Fast forward a whoooooolllllleeee lotta years….I needed a name for my art studio. I thought it time to rekindle the name. Twisted Swisher Studio was created. The studio of not-so-fine art.

Since (as in the adverb definition of subsequently, not as the preposition or conjunction) its inception, I began to quilt. I came into the hobby kicking and screaming – but my since (as in the conjunction) second-grade friend Jeannette, drug me into it. Crys, and others, using the pretension of being mentors, have since fed the monster.

Twisted Stitcher was born. Twisted being the key adjective here.

Another Year

Wow- time flies. Yet here I am boring you with another blog entry.

I wish you happiness such that your head explodes. I wish you getting lost on your travels so you see places you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.  I wish you so much laughter your abs look like Shemar Moore’s. I wish you friends who would die for you.  I wish you a dog that loves you unconditionally.  I wish you food you’ve never tried before.  I wish you shoes that fit like gloves off the shelf. I wish you confidence to attempt your dreams; humility to learn; bravery to face your fears; and motivation to get off the couch.

I want you to have the best of everything in 2018.  If you face, trials and tribulations, I wish you friends and fortitude to face them gracefully.  I wish you wisdom and discernment to navigate your way. I wish you a gentle path so that you may enjoy the view. I wish you a rough path so you can build your strength.

Waxing poetic is very difficult.  I think you get my gist.  Happy New Year.  May 2018 be the best yet!

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