Another Year

Wow- time flies. Yet here I am boring you with another blog entry.

I wish you happiness such that your head explodes. I wish you getting lost on your travels so you see places you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.  I wish you so much laughter your abs look like Shemar Moore’s. I wish you friends who would die for you.  I wish you a dog that loves you unconditionally.  I wish you food you’ve never tried before.  I wish you shoes that fit like gloves off the shelf. I wish you confidence to attempt your dreams; humility to learn; bravery to face your fears; and motivation to get off the couch.

I want you to have the best of everything in 2018.  If you face, trials and tribulations, I wish you friends and fortitude to face them gracefully.  I wish you wisdom and discernment to navigate your way. I wish you a gentle path so that you may enjoy the view. I wish you a rough path so you can build your strength.

Waxing poetic is very difficult.  I think you get my gist.  Happy New Year.  May 2018 be the best yet!


Driving on the Left

Driving on the left side of the road is weird as crap!!!! Mind you, with my occupation, I have had a fair bit of driver training.  EVERYTHING has been on the right.  All my training has been “keep right”, “pull to the right”, “escape right”.  With that in mind, I have done some things that are unusual for my own driving techniques:

  1. Minimize distracted driving:  NO texting, NO eating, NO talking on the phone.
  2. Slow down:  NO speeding (Like I need a ticket over here!)
  3. Both hands on the wheel at all times:  The current training modes says keep your hands at 4:00 & 8:00 (as opposed to 3 & 9 or 10 & 2)
  4. Pay Attention!  Don’t be looking off at the view as you drive by

If you can mirror write, you can get the hang of driving on the left without too much difficulty. Keep Left at all times.  Turning right is weird because you have to cross traffic.

The people in Barbados love to let folks go in front of them.  So, if you are in a drive way or side street, you must pay attention to folks who slow down or stop to let you out.  Now, this was a bit disconcerting for me, as I wanted everyone to go in front of me – I have found it easier to stay on the side of the road that goes against all my training if I can follow someone.  You might be driving along, when the car in front of you stops for no apparent reason – only to let someone out from the side.

The roads – there are a few “highways” – which really means, they are main thoroughfares.  Some have limited access with the “exits” being the round-a-bouts. But there may be a side street at any unannounced moment.  The other roads are about 1.5 lanes wide with cars going in both directions.  Sometimes you have to slow down and creep by the other vehicle – and sometimes that other vehicle is a HUGE public transport bus who has no regard to anyone. Pot holes are the standard.  Some are shallow, while some seem to go to the ocean.  Remember the cartoons where someone steps in a puddle up to their waist?  Yeah, that’s what these are like.  You might find some holes that have been repaired – which then become speed bumps.  Like moguls.

I grew up in Atlanta. I know how to drive 80+ mph 6-lanes wide. I know how to go 80 to 0 in .75 seconds.  I know how to merge.  These folks blow my mind.  Most of them are nice enough.  But my first day out, I was in my second round-a-bout and, i’m pretty sure I was in the right, a dude almost hit me.  His passenger just about fell out of the window as he leaned out and told me to go F* myself, flipping me the bird.  I just waved and smiled.

Oh – and traffic will be bumper to bumper; just creeping along, and then BOOM! Nothing.  All of a sudden, there is no one in front of you and you can hop up to the speed limit.  It’s weird as anything.  Not even like a bottle neck that clears up, then you have the traffic in front of you that starts to go.  No, this is creeping along, stop and go traffic and then – it’s empty.  Wide open.  Very weird!

Enough about that.  I hope all ya’ll had a very Merry Christmas.  I send you love and peace for the upcoming year.

Peace – from Barbados


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